Larimar - Greco Preziosi
Caribbean's Gem
The Larimar(from the Spanish "lagrima de mar" or drop of sea) is a semi- precious stone of a blue sky colour, found exclusively in the Dominican Republic, coming only from one mine in the world. Known with the scientific name of "Pectolite" (mineral of volcanic origin, opaque or translucid aspect , with colorations that go from white to green, from grey to blue), this stone has also been found in Italy, in the second half of the 1800's on Baldo Mount (Verona); in truth, the Pectolite is widely diffused in the world, from the United States to India, from France to Austria, but the blue one is found only in the province of Barahona in the Dominican Republic. Until now, there aren't any other known mines in the world that contain the Larimar therefore this makes it one of the rarer and newer stones of the international jewellery; the blue tonalities are the most valuable used.
This gem of volcanic origin has formed inside of cliffs of basaltic or andesitic type and it is found in blocks of medium dimensions, along the course of the Bahoruco River, which runs through the south-western zone of the island. The Larimar is a mineral discovered from Father Miguel F. Loren in 1916; its intense blue colour is given from the copper presence and certain reddish filaments are caused from the oxidation of the copper itself; the colour is nearly never smooth, but it often introduces pleasant geometric designs, in colour alternation. In the year 1974 Mr. Miguel Mendez, with many years of handicraft experience of semi-precious stones, and Mr. Normann Rilling collected some samples that, after testing with great satisfaction in their laboratory, they gave the name Larimar to this blue material, deriving it from the name of Mendez' daughter (Larissa) and from the sea (mar), place where it was found the first time. Between the blue of the sky and the transparency of the sea, it is the stone of love for excellence: it induces calm and inner serenity and it optimizes the energetic recharges of the individual, supporting the relation with the others and the nature; it exalts, in who wears it, the typical inner force of the sky and a sincere and transparent behaviour, like the sea.
The Larimar is a material suitable to the realization of spheres for the creation of necklaces, bracelets, pendants and earrings. Generally it is settled in gold or silver and, at times magnificent jewels are made combining amber, another extraordinary gift of this wonderful island!