Melo Pearls - Greco Preziosi
Pearls from nature, daughters of the sea...
From the clear waters of the lagoons of Polynesia, to the skilled hands of master jewellers. From pearls with a superb Orient to the treasures of Vietnam. From magnetic black to sumptuous gold. The exceptional quality is a gift of nature. Surrounded by mystery, the much-prized and costly Melo-Melo pearls, which come from Vietnam and were always found in the treasures of the Vietnam Empire. Created by a gasteropod (shell) of the Volitidae family, the Melo Melo specimens, which do not present a nucleus but have a lamellar structure, cannot be generated by deliberate cultivation.

Conch Pearls - Greco Preziosi
Pearls from nature, daughters of the sea...
The Pink Pearl (or Conch Pearl), comes to us from the seas of the Antilles. Every once in a while, some lucky fischerman finds one of these natural pearls in the "Queen Shell". Since it cannot be coultivated, this pearl is so rare that estimates indicate only one can be found in 50.000 shells. Its characteristics include a more or less intense color, a highly variable sizes and dimensions, and a luster of exceptional radiance running across the surface of the pearl. Found in english jewellery since the beginning of the 19th century, this richly adorned, mounted pearl has been worn by aristocratic ladies from all over Europe. Greco Preziosi handles both the importation and sale of these legendary gems of the sea, both loose than mount in ancient and modern wonderfull jewells.