Stone Mogok - Greco Preziosi
Precious Stones from all around world...
Greco Preziosi, trading leader of amber, has cultivated and developed, in thirty years of activity, also the passion for precious stones, approaching some of the most beautiful products of Nature: the wonderful stones of the "MOGOK" valley.
Mogok is a town located in a mountainous district of Burma and its residents are all employed in the extractive or manufacturing industry. These gems, unique in the world for beauty, colour and transparency, are rare because the Burman military government manages their exportation market with extreme severity. However, these difficulties increase their witchery and glamour, while their absolute naturalness, because the total absence of alterations, gives prestige to the few stones that can bear the brand of MOGOK. The most common MOGOK stones you can find are:
→ rubies
→ sapphires
→ spinels
→ moonstones
→ topazes
→ and the burman simetite amber as well