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Jewels Greco Preziosi Milano
Stone cutter and goldsmith factory

The Ambra Greco Company was founded about 30 years ago, when its founder, Salvatore Greco, became fascinated, for the first time, by the singular amber stone, related to an ancient and glorious past. Since then, he started to be a collector of exclusive amber pieces coming from Dominican Republic; this passion day by day started to have some commercial outlets.


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Our history

AMBRA GRECO is a registered mark and guarantees each item with a certificate. A constant action of promotion and specialization about this gem has brought Ambra Greco to the result of being appreciated on the Italian and International market, where it could enter adopting standards of absolute rigour:

  • Complete respect of the natural product (refuse of any artificial treatment of the original material);
  • A particular and wide range of articles such as: necklaces, earrings, rings, bracelets etc. for women and also a fine workmanship of perfume-bottles, animal engravings, paperknives, statuettes etc.;
  • Deepening of the cultural-scientific profile, realizing interesting collaborations with prestigious Natural History Museums and keen collectors, in the study of rare animal and vegetal inclusions founded in this precious fossil resin;
  • Realization of a fine selection of blue amber samples and also in the rare Sicilian amber (Symetite).

Besides Ambra Greco has faithfully reproduced the most beautiful ancient jewels of the Princes of Siritide (Magna Grecia - Lucania, Southern Italy) and of the Piceno region (central Italy). Each copy is rigorously numerated and followed by a warranty certificate with the picture of the item, which is signed by renowned archaeologists that certify the likeness to the original jewel.

Along with the warm tones of amber, Ambra Greco presents an exclusive collection of beautiful conch pearls - natural pearls from the Caribbean seas in matchless pinks - set into platinum. Ambra Greco seeks out the rare and unique exclusively for wholesale clients in the medium, upper and highest level of the market, and it exports to the European, Japanese and US markets.


Our Creations